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The route is the goal!


Make your way into the unique nature of Gastein and explore the marvelous mountains in the heart of the Hohe Tauern in the Salzburg region.
Whether you are an extreme athlete or a leisure lover, you will find the right way to climb the mountain.

Hiking does not only delight the miller!

Whether a leisurely stroll, alpine hike, exhausting hiking tour, guided hike or summit tour - the unique mountain panorama and the impressive landscape will enchant you.
Beautiful mountain meadows, crystal-clear mountain lakes and spectacular waterfalls wait for you on the most beautiful paths in the Hohe Tauern National Park in Salzburgerland.
Off to the rustic alpine huts around the Gastein valley and enjoy in a cozy atmosphere typical Austrian delicacies!

Themed walks

mountain biking & cycling

Depending on your condition and experience, there are routes in different degrees of difficulty available in the Gastein Valley.

For mountain bike professionals, a trip to Mount Fulseck or Stubnerkogel is an option - when you arrive at your destination, you can expect a unique view of the Gastein mountains.
If you want to be more comfortable, you can easily take the gondola up the hill and from there go by  bike to the valley.


Trail Running

A particularly close-to-nature experience is running on trails off paved roads.
In addition to physical endurance, train your ability to coordinate and concentrate in the wonderful mountains of Gastein.
Trail runners from all over the world will meet at the adidas INFINITE TRAIL in Gastein Valley at the end of June 2020. Beginners and professionals fight for victory in this unique trail running team relay challenge.

Prove your finger skills

Where is climbing more fun than in the great outdoors? Train strength and coordination on one of the Gastein via ferratas.
Two climbing gardens in Bad Gastein and in Klammstein near Dorfgastein offer climbing routes of various levels of difficulty.
Here you can get your first experience on the wall.
There are six different via ferratas on the Schlossalm with different levels of difficulty.

Absolute rookie? Then a visit to the Alpine & Ski School Angerer is definitely worth it!
Here are professionals on topics such as climbing and safety technology. The safety equipment (seat belt, helmet, climbing shoes, via ferrata protection, carabiners, ropes, belay devices) is provided here.

your personal summer highlights!

Whether floating through the air with the paraglider, conquering the mountains in the face of sweat during trail running, making Robin Hood look pale in Angertal, or diving into the Salzburger Wasserwelten during fly fishing.

Enjoy your sommer holliday!